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This informative video provides a comprehensive six-month training program for the novice-to-intermediate level alpine climber who wants to climb Mt. Rainier and other high-altitude peaks.

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In this 66 minute video you will learn details about the following training components:

Aerobic training – Including alpine, outside, and indoor options along with suggested targets to try to reach by month 5.

Flexibility – Including stretches that are most applicable to the mountaineer and how to do them outside.

Strength training – Demonstration of exercises selected to help you with particular aspects of alpine climbing, showing traditional weights and home training options such as jugs of water and weighted packs.

Anaerobic training – Recommendations and guidelines for ways to raise the anaerobic threshold.

Climbing specific training – Specific training tips to emulate the physical requirements of the climb for optimal preparation.

The video concludes with a periodized training program specifying how to incorporate the components listed above over a 6-month period. Whether you have access to mountains or not, this video will provide you with all the physical conditioning information you need in order to optimally prepare for your climb.

If you have been searching for a coach who climbs or for an exercise program specific to glacier travel, you’ll find plenty of excellent training ideas on this video. Mountaineer coaches and instructors Doug Schurman and Courtenay Schurman demonstrate the exercises. Also, includes Internet link to printable training programs and exercise glossary.

Produced by Body Results, 2003, 66 minutes


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