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As Total Health Coaches, we understand the challenges that clients face when trying to achieve their health and wellness goals.

  • How do I include exercise when my time feels packed with work, social, and family obligations?

  • What can I fix for quick energy, so I don't chow down on junk food whenever I'm stressed?

  • What can I do to shut off "worry brain" and improve my sleep whenever I have a big deadline?

  • When I start to feel overwhelmed, how do I keep moving forward?

  • Can you help me figure out what my body really needs so I stop getting injured?

  • What can I do to silence the bully inside my brain?

  • As I age, what can I do to ensure that I can continue to do all the things that I enjoy?


When working with me, you will...

  • Share your struggles and obstacles.

  • Discover techniques, tricks, and tips to get unstuck.

  • Explore new ways of doing things, with support through your challenges.

  • Develop an action plan that you are ready, willing, and able to undertake.

  • Commit each day to doing one thing related to your goal, even if that is a single five-minute action.

When working with you, I will...

  • Guide and coach you during regular accountability sessions.

  • Support you in your struggles and help you find realistic ways past obstacles.

  • Educate without overwhelming you.

  • Help create an action plan that excites and motivates you.

  • Teach you how to be your own accountability partner and compassion provider.

  • Create reasonable, effective workout programs.

  • Suggest sleep, rest, and recovery strategies to ensure you are well-rested and ready for challenges.

  • Help you develop your own unique "Owner's Wellness Manual" for life.


How does Total Health Coaching work?

In our initial start-up conversation, we will discuss what you want from a coach, what you've tried, where you're struggling, and most importantly, what habits you would most like to change. We can focus on one or more of the following seven Total Health areas:

  • Movement
  • Nutrition and Hydration
  • Sleep and Recovery
  • Life Purpose
  • Home and Work Environment
  • Social Connection
  • Joyful Rejuvenation and Longevity

Then what?

In each subsequent conversation, we discuss four important questions:

  • What "wins" occurred since we last talked, no matter how big or small?
  • What challenges or obstacles came up?
  • What is the most important upcoming goal?
  • What support does a client need to make that thing happen?

We teach clients how to make small, consistent, and achievable short-term changes, in order to achieve huge long-term life changes and growth. In short, we keep our clients moving forward.

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Who will my Body Results Total Health Coach be?

Courtenay Schurman and her husband founded Body Results in 1997. In addition to her NSCA-CSCS certification, Courtenay is certified as a Master Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition and has continued to add to her coaching repertoire by doing deep dives into year-long master courses covering the psychology of change and the science of sleep, rest and recovery.

She has written over a thousand fitness-related articles over the past twenty-five years. Her conditioning chapter for Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills (Mountaineers Books) is considered worldwide to be the Bible of mountaineering. She is co-author of The Outdoor Athlete (2009) and Train to Climb Mt. Rainier or Any High Peak DVD (2003) with her husband Doug. She pens the quarterly Peak Performance column for the Mountaineers Magazine in Seattle.

In July 2021, she poured her passions for hiking, writing, coaching, animals, and photography into developing a weekly blog featuring strategies for getting unstuck (CourtSchurmanGo.com). With her ever-expanding interest in wellness coaching, a lifelong passion for journaling and writing, and over two decades helping people reach their fitness goals, she is excited to unite all of these elements together into Total Health coaching. She believes that "We are all works in progress. I embrace the challenge of helping women to overcome obstacles and discover and nurture their inner strength. It’s a win-win relationship."

Total Health clients are saying:

"I am challenged by our work together and I find it empowering and insightful. I think Courtenay is an excellent wellness/sports coach and if I think of someone who would benefit, I will definitely refer them to you."

- KSL, an alpine client-turned-Total Health client

"I love the new direction that you are going in [with Total Health] and look forward to it all and more! I feel so blessed to have been working with you these past years. So, so fun working with you."

- CN, alpine client-turned-Total Health client

"I have had a few very inspiring role models in my life, and they all shared some key characteristics. They were REAL; no games, no hidden agenda, no more sugar coating than is necessary. They were EMPATHETIC; they took time to understand me in more than a one-dimensional way, and they did their best to help me any way they could. They were THOUGHTFUL and INTELLIGENT; they did not deal in prepackaged answers and found the best ways to explain their "discoveries" in a way others could readily understand. They had a great sense of HUMOR. They were OPEN about their own struggles and anxieties; they knew that, as good as we may be as teachers, we'll all be students forever. And yes, you check all those boxes"

- GB, alpine client engaged in Total Health elements

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