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Strength Program Development E-Book
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Developing a Strength Program for Alpine Pursuits

Do you need to train to failure to get results? How many strength workouts do you need to do in a week? How do you create a program that matches your goals? How do you know when to work harder and when to back off? If you are looking for training information that will help you create a suitable strength and strength endurance program to help you reach your alpine goals, this latest e-book from Body Results can help you. Included are:

  • Descriptions of each of the FITT components of training as they apply to strength (frequency, intensity, time, type of exercise)
  • Strength guidelines
  • Strength equipment suggestions
  • Priority training
  • Tabata training
  • Rate of perceived exertion as it applies to strength training
  • Sample workouts for various goals (just returning to strength, building strength endurance, increasing max strength, general strength / hypertrophy training)
  • 8,834 words and listing of 68 recommended exercises to include in your repertoire
Train Yourself to Hike 30 Miles in a Day E-book
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Do you want to take your hiking fitness to the next level? How about hiking 30 miles in a single day? If you like many hikers you would like to be able to cover this amount of terrain but do not know what specific training it takes to get to this level. Body Results can help! We have put together a short E-Book that will help you:

  • Build a sufficient cardiovascular training base
  • Strengthen those muscle groups important for hiking
  • Teach you how to stretch any muscles that tend to get tight
  • Understand and identify your proper pace
  • Includes a 3-month training plan, pictures for 4 exercises and 2 stretches and has 2,615 words
Preparing to Hike the Pacific Crest Trail
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Whether you are considering attempting the Pacific Crest Trail from border to border, trying a shorter section of the trail or hiking across a state, or simply going on backpacking trips along different parts of the trail, this e-book will provide you with the training information necessary to get you physically and mentally prepared for your journey.
  • Understand how to prepare optimally for the extreme endurance component of the journey without overtraining
  • View a sample 3-month cardiovascular training program that builds gradually to your goal hike
  • Learn what strength, cardiovascular, and pack weight targets you should shoot for to be ready for your trip
  • 5 strength training guidelines to help you prepare for carrying a pack for great distances
  • Pictures and descriptions of 5 important strength exercises for backpackers
  • Pictures and descriptions of 5 stretches to help restore flexibility to overworked muscles at the gym and on the trail
  • Trail and gear tips as well as tips on proper nutrition on the trail
  • 5,038 words, 10 pictures
Pre-Season Conditioning for Skiing EBook
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  • 8 Week ski conditioning program
  • Options for both downhill and cross country
  • Pictures for 10 top strength exercises and 4 stretches
  • 4,570 words
Shin Splints E-Book
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  • Understand and identify whether the problem may be shin splints or something else entirely
  • Strengthen those lower leg muscle groups important for running
  • Learn how to stretch the anterior tibialis
  • Prevent shin splints in the first place and avoid recurrence once you have developed them
  • Includes pictures for 4 stretches and 6 strength exercises and has 2,537 words
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