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Medicine Ball Oblique Twists

Paddling Injury Prevention and Training Tips

Below are selected links dealing with common questions beginner level and intermediate paddlers are likely to have in the course of preparing for their objective. Included are considerations for dealing with common injuries related to paddling, training tips and program suggestions, and information on both Tabata interval training and circuit training for paddling.

Injury Prevention
Finger Extensor Training-Cheap! How to Balance out Paddling Muscles of the Forearms
3 Rotator Cuff Exercises for the Small Muscles in the Shoulders
Common Elbow Injuries
Treatment for Strained Finger Tendons
Wrist Pain and Suggested Stretches
Band Cat Traction: Exercise for Preventing and Relieving Lower Back Pain

Training Tips and Programs
Rowing Fitness Polygon: Integrating Sports Components into Appropriate Programming
Smart Hand, Grip and Finger Training While this was created with climbers in mind, much of the information pertains to paddlers, as well, at upper levels of performance.
Kayaking, Canoeing and Paddling Exercises: Similarities between Sports
Improving Circulation: Cold Hands
High Effort Tabata Interval Training
Group Rowing Training Ideas: Circuits
Active Recovery: Helping Us Stay Healthy
Developing a Strength Program for Outdoor Pursuits

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