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Wilderness Sports > Rock & Ice Climbing > Rock and Ice Climbing: Special Training Considerations

Rock and Ice Climbing: Special Training Considerations

Below are selected links dealing with common questions beginner level and intermediate rock and ice climbers are likely to have in the course of preparing for their objective. Included are considerations for dealing with high altitude, training ideas for those climbers who are over 50 and wish to remain as active � and healthy -- as they were when they were younger, articles for women only, climb approach, and technique development.

Ten Non-Medicated Ways to Cope with Altitude
How Long Does Acclimatization Last?
Asthma and High Altitude Climbing
Hiking to Camp Muir on Mt. Rainier
High Altitude Nutrition

Over 50 Training Advice
Training Considerations for Athletes Over 50
Over 50 Strength Training
Over 50 Cardiovascular Training
Over 50 Flexibility Training

Women�s Fuel Usage at Altitude vs. Men
Iron Deficiency Anemia
Climbing, Pregnancy, and Exercise: A Reality Check
Pregnancy and High-Altitude Climbing

Climb Approach Preparation
Flatland Training
Mountaineering Training in City
Train for Mountaineering When You�re Not in the Mountains
Summit Day Preparation
Why you need to be in better shape than your guide
Cardio Training with a Stair Machine
Back to Back Training

Technique Development
Climbing Technique: Gym Drills
How do I increase my pullups?
One-armed Pull-ups: Training Ideas
Core Conditioning: Climbing Training
Ladder Training to Increase Pullups
Climbing Conditioning Essentials

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