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WebTraining: How It Works for �Mel�

WebTrainer (see www.bodyresults.com/p1webt.asp) ) is Body Results' on-line training service, created in order to allow us to provide personalized exercise programs for clients around the world.

Are you looking for a coach who is familiar with your favorite alpine activity? Are you ready to make some changes in your training, but aren't exactly sure how to reach your goals? Are you outside the greater Seattle area or too busy to come into our in-person gym? Then WebTraining may be the perfect answer for you.

Included below is a sample detailed program complete with pictures of stretches and strength exercises much as you�d receive in your own personalized program. (Program discussed below is not a complete program; we created �Mel� solely to illustrate a sample one-month program based on a fictitious client.)

Health History

��Mel� is a 48-year-old lawyer and father of two college-age children. He lives on Bainbridge Island, WA and wants to climb Cho Oyu in spring of 2016. He owns a copy of the Train to Climb Mt. Rainier DVD and, in the past, ferried over to Seattle for an in-person consult, but has decided web-based training will work best for him as it's difficult to visit Seattle regularly.

He has a history of knee and back problems whenever he can't exercise regularly, so he knows consistency is key. He�s completed the prerequisite 8-day training program in Alaska, with summits of Aconcagua and Elbrus, and feels ready to try a climb of an 8000 meter peak. Cho Oyu has been recommended by guide services as the least technical of the extreme altitude peaks. He's very motivated to train smart.

His exercise preferences are hiking, cycling, playing squash (when his knees allow) and golfing, and he trains with free weights several times a week. He'd like to put on some weight, as he's always been on the scrawny side and he's heard that most people lose 15 pounds easily at high altitude -- weight he just doesn't have to lose. He also experiences mild dizziness (low blood pressure) but isn't that worried about it.

When he signs on with a trainer, he shares that he can dedicate 5 days a week for up to 90 minutes and longer one day a week on the weekends. The past week he did 2 strength workouts, a 6 mile hike with his dog while carrying a 30 pound pack, and he played a few games of squash that tweaked his left knee a bit.

First Month of WebTraining

Upon receipt of Mel's Health History form, we ask a round of questions about whether Mel has clearance from a PT for his knee and back issues, and he shares the exercises he does in his current strength regimen. We ask how important squash is and how often he tweaks his knees when playing. Mel admits that the climb is more important and he'll do whatever he needs to in order to succeed on the climb. He decides to put squash on hold but still wants to strengthen the affected leg muscles so he can resume when he returns from his climb.

We discuss appropriate nutrition strategies to help him build lean, active muscle mass. We share the importance of getting used to eating more high-quality fats, foods which will be fuel for cold-weather climbing at extreme altitudes. We create a suitable functional strength program that he can do twice a week, and show him how to ramp up his pack carrying and endurance outings so that by the time he's a few weeks out from his Cho Oyu climb he feels very comfortable with long days of climbing with a pack, without experiencing tightness or soreness in the knees or back.

We also suggest that since �Mel� has access to descriptions of our most-often recommended strength and stretching exercises for climbing from our Rainier video, we draw on those free weights exercises to get him developing single-leg and core strength as he�d need in the mountains. We include stretches for his hips (gluteals), quads, hamstrings and calves, which on his first progress report felt tighter on his left which may be contributing to the lower back ache.

Sample Calendar

�Mel�s� first month of climbing-specific workouts is pictured below, and will be adjusted on a weekly basis depending on his work schedule, energy levels, knees and back progress, and family/social commitments. We include a sample calendar with times, intensity levels, training options, variety where important and desired, strength workouts, pictures of strength and stretch exercises, a chart on which he can record his program, and descriptions of each of the exercises. Where appropriate, we also share video links for any exercises that are more advanced or unusual.

Each monthly calendar (for silver and gold level) takes into consideration time availability, equipment, exercise preferences, training goals, personal limitations or needs, geographic location, and health history. For bronze, training is included in block format and left up to the individual client to fit into his or her weekly schedule.

Monthly Training Calendar

Customized Calendar for each month of WebTraining.
Click on image to see larger version.

Strength & Flexibilty Exercise Plan

Customized Strength and Flexibility routine with pictures of each exercise and stretch.
Click on image to see larger version.


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