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Sports Topic Consultations

Are you getting ready to do your first triathlon but are not sure how to train for each event? All set to run the Seattle or Portland marathon but suddenly having knee pains you want to get rid of? Thinking about competing in your first powerlifting meet but wondering what is involved for each of the three lifts? Eager to get to the top of Rainier this year yet unsure how to train on flat ground? Suffering from lower back pains from too much time in boats out on the water? We've had great results with people in all of these areas! A specialized topic consultation may be just right for you. Bring your friends and questions related to the topic. Specify exactly what you expect to get out of your hour when you schedule your appointment.

Key Benefits

  • Based on your specific needs and wants, we assess your muscle balance and determine what areas need more specific help in order to get you prepared for more strenuous training for your event.
  • Advanced training; periodized programs for specific competition or goal objectives.
  • Small group format allows you to learn from other people's questions and experiences as well as from your conditioning coach
  • Looking for a network for your sport or activity? Ask us about getting you linked to others--one may already be readily available in your area.


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