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Our Start-Up Program

Start-up sessions are designed to get the client new to Body Results started on a workout program. Our start-up program includes two hour-long sessions; the first is designed to determine 1) your fitness and nutrition goals, 2) body fat composition, 3) muscle imbalances (if any), 4) optimal workout schedule, and 5) address specific concerns you have about your body and exercise so we can design an effective, enjoyable workout for you. The second session includes a full workout and strategies for helping you reach your goals.

Key Benefits

  • You'll participate in a number of movement screens from Reactive Neuromuscular Training to find out more about your body's muscle balance and movement patterns; you'll also have girth measurements taken and learn what your body fat composition is, in order to establish a baseline so you can SEE and MEASURE improvements over time.
  • You'll work with a Conditioning Coach to set Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic, and Time-specific goals that excite and interest you; you will also receive an exercise program that will start you on a track to reach those goals.
  • You will learn exercises that are chosen specifically for you, given your current level of conditioning, muscle balance, and exercise goals.


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