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Muscle Balance Assessment

Q: What does your physical assessment or Start-up Package do for your clients and why should I ask to have one when I start with a Body Results outdoor conditioning coach?

A: Our Start-up Package is ideal for any new client who wishes to start with a Body Results outdoor conditioning coach. The client gets a better understanding of what his or her body needs to reach sport-specific goals pain free, and trainers get valuable information that can help them create personalized workouts designed specifically for the individual. What's included?

  • Discussion of client's sport, fitness, or exercise goals, health history, and time available for exercise.
  • Functional (sport-specific) musculoskeletal assessment to determine what sorts of exercises--stretching, strengthening, and cardiovascular--they need for their sport, their bodies, and their goals.
  • Measurements of body fat by using skin fold calipers in order to establish a base line or starting point for each person in order to chart and measure progress.
  • Body measurements at 10 different sites on the body.

Our muscle balance assessment combines screens from Reebok University's Reactive Neuromuscular Training (RNT) Program with other static and dynamic assessments of range of motion about various joints required for different sports.  In simplest terms, we evaluate how each person moves in approximately 25 different everyday patterns, such as a full range squat, a standing twist, raising arms up over head, balancing on one leg, walking across the room, and so forth.  Each screen allows us to see where an individual is tight and where he or she is weak, so we can more effectively design appropriate personalized workouts that include stretches for tight muscle groups and strengthening exercises for weak groups.  We are NOT physical therapists, nor is the RNT program designed to replace physical therapy.  However, we do work with plenty of athletes to correct imbalances that do not manifest themselves -- yet -- through pain.

Our functions are prevention, pre-hab, post-rehab, and sport-specific conditioning. The goal? Body balance and prevention of injury, muscle strain, and pain. The body is a remarkably adaptable organism and tends to compensate automatically and almost imperceptibly whenever it is subjected to strains or stresses. However, if you neglected ankle rehabilitation when you were a child, or never quite recovered from that car accident when you were in your teens, you may now be starting to notice minor aches and pains that suggest muscle imbalances or even worse. We try to help people identify the structural imbalances BEFORE the pain starts, so they can avoid medical bills, therapies, and medications. We also use the Start-up with post-rehab referrals so we can see what additional areas of the body need attention besides the areas a physical therapist or chiropractor might have been focused on.

If you are not yet a Body Results client but are interested in having a muscle balance assessment done for you, please contact one of our trainers.


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