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Web access to your own outdoor conditioning coach!
where your Results are Guaranteed

What is WebTrainer?

WebTrainer is Body Results' on-line web-based training service. We provide a personalized exercise program designed specifically for you, based on your favorite outdoor activity, physical needs, time requirements, workout history, and upcoming goals. WebTrainer is the easiest way for outdoor enthusiasts around the world to work with Body Results Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Courtenay Schurman. We've been helping outdoor athletes succeed in the wilderness since 1997. WebTrainer works so well that we offer a Money Back Guarantee.

Who is it for?

WebTrainer is for motivated, goal-oriented outdoor adventures who seek assistance in reaching their goals in a safe, effective, and efficient manner. Perhaps you are looking for someone who can share with you sensible answers to your questions about cross-training, sensible eating, preventing injuries, or getting started. You might be looking for further education about your body and what is possible. Maybe you want accountability and motivation. Many of our Webtraining clients are considering participating in a mountaineering program through a guide service such as RMI, Alpine Ascents International, Mountain Madness, or American Alpine Institute. WebTrainer is for YOU, whether you live in Florida, Alaska, or outside the United States.

Selected Goals of WebTrainer Clients

What will it do for me?

Now is the perfect time to get your knees ready for that upcoming trek or backpacking trip. Learn how to build as much lean, functional muscle as possible while keeping overall body weight as light as you can. Discover what interval training can do for your metabolism and high altitude preparation. Find out how to prioritize your sport's needs for cardiovascular training, flexibility requirements, sport-specific training and strength training and still be able to spend time on your work and family.

WebTrainer provides you with honest and realistic answers to all of your e-mail fitness questions. We provide accountability and motivation, ongoing workout plans, and access to plenty of helpful fitness and nutrition resources used by our Level 2 Precision Nutrition certified supercoach. We become your partner in education. No only do we believe you we will get results We Guarantee It!

To see a sample client program for Mel, click here

How does it work?

Kilimanjaro Summit 2001

Once you decide you'd like to work with us, contact us for our current health history form. Courtenay will then take your needs into consideration and develop a personalized workout for you which she'll send to you over the Internet. Each program includes cardiovascular (both aerobic and anaerobic) training, strength and flexibility components, pictorial descriptions of recommended strength and flexibility exercises, and a training schedule. If you choose Gold or Silver, you will also complete a 3-day nutrition log for us to discuss.

Courtenay will interact with you according to the plan level you select (Gold, Silver or Bronze). You will provide regular weekly feedback so together, we can update your workouts to help you move closer toward your goals. WebTrainer program is generally split into 1-month increments and can be purchased month-to-month, in three-month packages, or (for additional financial savings), contact a Body Results WebTrainer to discuss your long-term plan.

What are the different levels of WebTrainer?





Coach Interaction

  • New programs created monthly based on feedback, results and goals
  • Available for regular email questions
  • Bi-Weekly check-ins
  • New programs created monthly based on feedback, results and goals
  • Periodic adjustments made as needed with weekly check-ins
  • Available for regular email questions
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Monthly Phone Consultation
  • New programs created monthly based on feedback, results and goals
  • Adjustments made regularly as needs arise
  • Available for regular email questions
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Bi-Weekly Phone Consultation
  • Video analysis of training as needed

Training Tools

  • Cardio, Strength & Flexibility Program
  • Weekly Schedule
  • Strength & Flexibility Picture Diagrams
  • Cardio, Strength & Flexibility Program
  • 30-day training calendar
  • Strength & Flexibility Picture Diagrams
  • DVD with proper exercise form demonstrations
  • Cardio, Strength & Flexibility Program
  • 30-day training calendar
  • Strength & Flexibility Picture Diagrams
  • DVD with proper exercise form demonstrations
  • Free access to all Body Results E-Books as released

Monthly Fee




1-Time Setup




3-Month Special � Setup included




How do I start?

  • First, visit the On-line store and purchase WebTrainer in one or three-month increments.
  • Second, Contact a Body Results WebTrainer for the most recent Health History and Contract forms.
  • Third, send the completed forms back by either fax, email or snail mail:

    trainer at bodyresults.com

    Body Results - WebTrainer
    13553 22nd Ave NE
    Seattle, WA 98125
  • Finally, receive your customized training plan and begin working toward you goals!.

If you have questions before you start, please Contact a Body Results WebTrainer.


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