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Review in Library Journal vol. 127 #16, 10/02 p. 142 by Amy Cantu

Train to Climb Mt. Rainier
... and Other High Peaks

It first appears the producers of Train to Climb Mount Rainier were selling themselves short by marketing to climbers (and would-be climbers) of Seattle’s famous landmark. This six-month training program could equally apply – as the instructors are quick to point out – to any number of serious trekking expeditions. But Mount Rainier’s reputation as a tough, no-nonsense adventure lets viewers know exactly what they’re getting into: an equally tough, no-nonsense training program. This is not a training video on specific mountaineering techniques, nor is it specifically about Mt. Rainier (the only image of the mountain is on the video’s cover). Rather, this is a serious and thorough fitness program designed to acquaint both new and experienced climbers with the physical conditioning necessary to make their climbing experience safe and enjoyable. Courtenay and Doug Schurman, owners of Seattle-based Body Results, lay out a rigorous plan with objectives that include developing a strong fitness foundation, building muscle strength, and increasing flexibility, endurance and mental toughness. The video features down-to-earth outdoorsy types – no disco beats or hot pink leotards here – but the workout is certainly not lacking in originality. The Schurmans include a variety of alternative exercises to appeal to varying lifestyles and proximity (or lack thereof) to the great outdoors. Detailed demonstrations include aerobic, anaerobic, muscle-building, and climbing-specific exercises. The video closes with a six-month training plan. Highly recommended for fitness collections in the Pacific Northwest and other mountainous communities. It’s also a strong optional purchase for other collections aiming beyond “Buns of Steel.”

Library Journal Magazine is a review magazine for public, school, academic, and special libraries within the United States.

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