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Review in the Booklist vol 99 #1 9/02 p. 144-145 by Nancy McCray

Train to Climb Mt. Rainier
... and Other High Peaks

This extremely well organized video presents a six-month training program to help climbers tackle challenging Mt. Rainier or other high peaks. The instruction breaks the training into five components: aerobic, stretching, strength, climbing-specific, and anaerobic. Although hiking with a pack is recommended, other options for increasing heart rate, such as biking, running, cross country skiing, and workout machines, are suggested as well. The camera poises on a woman performing squats, stretches, pushups, dips, step-ups and lifts (with an occasional insert of a man doing the same movements) as narration offers explanations and techniques. Another participant demonstrates weight-lifting exercises. The coach’s clear directives cover such important issues as correct body placement, breathing instructions, cautionary measures, and free weight placement.

Booklist Magazine is a review magazine for public, school, academic, and special libraries within the United States.

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