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Karen Voight Exercise DVD's
Perfect for Outdoor Enthusiasts!

Oh no, you missed your workout! Perhaps it was your favorite exercise class; maybe your gym is closed for the holiday or not open during the time you like to workout; the class offerings for this week just don�t appeal to you, or daycare is full. How can you consistently complete your workouts at the desired intensity level in order to get the Body Results you want and deserve? Get motivated with Karen Voight DVD�s and get going toward those RESULTS!

I�ve been a step aerobics enthusiast for over 15 years, a video user for over 12, an exercise instructor since 1996, creator of two instructional videos, and owner of over 80 exercise videos. I�ve completed and reviewed countless tapes, all of which have been developed by many different instructors, and have searched for the best instruction to bring to our outdoor enthusiast clients and web visitors. If you are looking for core (abdominals and back) conditioning, high intensity interval training, circuit training, or strength training instruction to supplement your outdoor activities, you�ll find a product that will work for you!

My two personal Karen Voight favorites are 1) her high-energy interval training video, Ultimate Circuit Training and 2) her YogaSculpt for athletes. Even if you are a bit nervous or skeptical about trying yoga, Karen�s well-cued instruction will convert you just as it did me! Her YogaFocus video will help you gain mental focus and concentration for any sport while enhancing strength and flexibility simultaneously. If you�ve been reading about intervals training and would like to gain the benefits for high-altitude trekking or climbing, then check out her Ultimate Circuit Training DVD. If you�d like to increase your metabolic rate and enhance your cardiovascular endurance at the same time, try her Burn and Firm Circuit Training.

Karen has been teaching fitness for 20 years, has created 25 instructional videos and DVD�s, is author of a book, has won numerous awards, and now writes a fitness column for the Los Angeles Times. We�ve partnered with Karen to bring you some of the best, safest, and most enjoyable videos available. For more information about how to order, CLICK HERE to visit our video store.

Circuit Cardio & Strength

Burn and Firm DVD
Mix and match, up to 77 min double circuit more

Ultimate Circuit Training DVD
1 hr video consisting of 9 circuits, alternating step and strength more

Great Weighted Workout DVD
85 min. of weight aerobics more

Yoga Videos

Yoga & Sculpting DVD
70 min Yoga + 85 min strength more

Yoga Focus DVD
30 min strength, 20 stretch more

Combo-Core / Other

Half & Half DVD
Half mixed-impact cardio and Half full body strengthening more

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