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Mt. Rainier: A Climbing Guide
By Mike Gauthier - Head Climbing Ranger

Mt. Rainier: A Climbing Guide

Mt. Rainier: A Climbing Guide: Now climbers can get away from the crowded dog routes and experience 39 of Rainier's best routes described in the most comprehensive climbing guide of Mount Rainier, complete with details on the approach, the climb, and the descent, as well as elevation gain, difficulties and hazards, and season. Also covered are the latest in permit and park regulations, preparation, the high camps and bivy sites, summit day, and winter climbing. Safety information includes weather and climate considerations, objective hazards, altitude illness, cold weather concerns and other medical problems, safety tips, and what to expect in a rescue situation.

Author Mike Gauthier is head climbing ranger for Mt. Rainier National Park, and, as Bruce Barcott mentions in his forward for the book, ��is an old-school climber in a young man�s body, a mountaineer who�s spent one third of his life on Rainier. He has been to the top of this mountain more than 150 times, and in one punishing summer season recorded 36 summits�from him I�ve learned to distrust the mountain while loving every minute I spend upon it�and to have the best time possible under the worst conditions imaginable.�

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