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More Training Info > Family-Friendly Outings - Twin Falls

Family-Friendly Outings - Twin Falls
By Courtenay Schurman, MS, CSCS May 2008

Thinking of starting with some easy hikes or getting your family out for some local hiking, car camping or backpacking this season? Below is a recent trip report for Twin Falls as well as a summary of links to trip reports for some great first outings in the Puget Sound region for beginner hikers and families with young children to explore.

Twin Falls Trip Report: 4/20/08 in snow!

Sunday 4/20 we left Seattle around 9 a.m. headed for Twin Falls (1.5-2.5 miles RT, 300� gain/loss) at Exit 34. To get to the trailhead, turn right off Exit 34 onto 468th Ave. SE and go .6 miles to SE 159th and turn left, then continue .6 miles to the end of the road. There were 5-6 other cars, a trio of yipping dachshunds, and a mother/daughter pair starting out with us just before 10. We walked through the moss-covered trees, stopping to admire the Bleeding Heart and other pink blossoms, and reached the first Lower Falls vista 20 minutes later for our first snack break, where a scurrying chipmunk tried to join us.

Down the other side of the knoll to the bridge across the river and stairs (Brooke likes to race up them in front of everyone else, though some of the larger steps required holding an adult hand) we attained the Upper Falls vista where we stopped for pictures, twirling, and another snack. The weather cooperated for the most part, though on the drive we encountered some squalls; once we returned to the river where Brooke likes to throw rocks, however, the squalls hit once again, with round snow pellets that simply bounced off our down coats. That sort of precipitation I�ll take any day over rain! But in late April? Trail runners and other families with dogs enjoyed the trail as well, and by 12:15 we enjoyed homemade �summit treats� and started for home. When asked what her favorite parts of the hike were, she replied, �The waterfalls and throwing rocks into the river!�

Puget Sound Hikes

St. Edward State Park - www.bodyresults.com/E2st-edwards.asp up to 2 miles of hiking in a loop, but you can reward little ones with time at the playground afterward Shoreview Park with a hike to the lake and ravine along with nice playgrounds for kids Carkeek Park has lots of good trails and plenty of beaches for walking at low tide, along with a great playground, picnic tables, and streams.

Hikes Along the I-90 Corridor (within an hour�s drive of Seattle)

Beyond an hour�s drive

Additional resources include the following:


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