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Rate of Ascent on an incline Treadmill

Q: How can you determine rate of ascent on an incline treadmill? In other words, if the goal is to be able to ascend 3,500 feet in 2-3 hours what would that translate to on a treadmill in terms of incline and distance?

A: If you like the treadmill, then to get roughly 800 feet of elevation gain per mile of walking, you would need to have access to a treadmill that allows you to work at a 15% incline grade (or what translates to a slope of 8.5 degrees). Most commercial treadmills only go up to about 12% which would equate to 6.8 degrees slope or a gain of about 629 feet of elevation in a mile.

So, if your goal is to gain 3,500 feet using a fairly typical treadmill, you would need to go about 5 miles, or at 2.5 mph (that's a pretty common pace for that steep of terrain) it should take you about 2 hours.


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