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FAQ: Seated Cardio Suggestions

Q: I have a disability (I walk with crutches) but Iím still interested in knowing what cardiovascular activities I can do while sitting. Do you have any good suggestions?

A: Yes, there are a number of seated cardiovascular activities you can try, depending on the extent of your disability (or in the case of injured athletes, the type of injury).

First, you can try rowing ergometers, with or without using the legs. If you can sit in one of the moving seats but remain stable, by moving arms, arms and torso, or partial range arms, torso and legs, you can get a nice cardiovascular workout with little or a lot of resistance. In most cases, however, this is an activity to perform at the gym, unless you can afford a sturdy home rowing machine.

You can also try seated aerobics. Lisa Ericson, ex-figure skater, has an aerobics video for seated able-bodied or disabled people that is actually quite a challenge for any level athlete. She, herself, demonstrates the movements from her wheelchair and includes several levels of exertion. Her enthusiasm is infectious! For more information about the product or ordering information, you can visit her website at http://www.seatedaerobics.com.

Finally, there are upper body ergometers that are something like bicycles for the arms, using crankshafts with varied resistances for upper body workouts. Many large commercial or university gyms may have one or two of these specialized pieces of equipment available, but unfortunately most smaller, local gyms will not.

You may also be interested in trying swimming at some point. Swimming is a great cardiovascular exercise that can be done with buoys held between the legs if walking, kicking, or using the legs at all is difficult. The only drawback to this option is finding a pool with the right equipment and hours to suit your needs.

Finally, donít forget the benefits of doing free weights or band resistance strength training! These can be done with very little equipment whatsoever, in the privacy of your own home. Additional pages on the Body Results website can give you useful tips and suggestions; simply use the ďsearchĒ button (upper right corner) to link to the right pages.


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