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More Training Info > Research - Carbohydrate Supplementation and Resistance Training

Research - Carbohydrate Supplementation and Resistance Training

Summary of original research from Haff GG, Lehmkuhl MJ, McCoy LB, Stone MH. �Carbohydrate Supplementation and Resistance Training.� Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 2003 Feb; 17(1): 187-196.

The authors did a comprehensive literature review of more than 70 studies in order to determine what (if any) value carbohydrate supplementation before, during, and/or after high-volume resistance training might have for the athlete, and what additional areas need further investigation.

The Results

The consumption of a liquid carbohydrate supplement immediately prior to, during, and immediately after training sessions may offer some ergogenic benefits to athletes who perform resistance-training exercises or multiple anaerobic bouts in the same training day or over a training week. Carbohydrate supplementation can help maintain muscle glycogen concentration, which can result in increased performance during workouts. Other benefits may include 1) increases in work output between training sessions, 2) increases in rates of recovery between sessions, 3) increases in protein synthesis rates, 4) decreased stress on the immune system, and 5) creation of an anabolic hormonal environment.

Body Results Suggests

If you 1) tend to combine strength and aerobic workouts into one extended workout session on a given day, 2) participate in hard climbing workouts on several consecutive days, or 3) engage in hard near-maximal strength workouts lasting longer than 30 minutes or several hard workouts a day, consider taking a liquid carbohydrate beverage (such as Cytomax) with you to sip before, during and immediately after your workouts. Depending on your bodyweight and exertion duration, this might be anywhere from 25-50 grams of carbs to be consumed in total before and during the workout. Immediately after the workout, additional carbs should be consumed. Common recommendations for this post workout drink are 1 gram of carbs for each kilogram of bodyweight. The remainder of the carbohydrates you consume on a daily basis should consist of complex carbohydrates included in fruits, vegetables and whole grains, instead of high-glycemic index foods such as candy, sodas, sugars, sports drinks and so forth.


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