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More Training Info > Percent Bodyweight in Pushups

Percent Bodyweight in Pushups

Q: When you do pushups, how much of your bodyweight are you using?

A: You can actually figure this out for yourself. Simply get out a calibrated scale (i.e. set it to Zero) and put it on a tile, hardwood or linoleum floor (no rug or carpeting!) where you will have space to do a pushup. Place your hands on the scale, making sure you arenít touching the bottom portion of the scale in any place. Allow the numbers to come to rest. Record both. Then, weigh yourself. To find what percentage of bodyweight youíre using when doing pushups, simply divide the first number into the second.

In other words, a 150 pound person who sees 105 on the scale in the pushup position is lifting 70% bodyweight at the top portion of the movement. If you want to really get concise, see how the number changes (if it does) when you go to the bottom position. You can also try this both on your feet and on your knees to compare. Have fun!


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