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Pre-Season Conditioning for Skiing:
Excerpts from the E-book

From Sports Requirements: Differences:

�Cross country skiers, showshoers, and telemark skiers should focus primarily on developing muscular strength endurance and cardiovascular endurance, with moderate amounts of work on shoulder, core and leg strength, flexibility�and skill development. Downhill skiers, on the other hand, need moderate amounts of flexibility training primarily in the calves and core, in order to complete quick transitions on skis and successfully maneuver moguls�They would benefit from spending additional time closer to ski season preparing for staying in the low crouch position for upwards of 5-8 minutes, or more... �

From Anaerobic Training:

�This category of training is especially important for anyone planning trips to locales above 8,000� elevation but it also is great for boosting overall cardiovascular fitness and increasing metabolic rate. Intervals workouts are challenging and not for the faint of heart! They also should not be added until you have built a solid foundation. In week 5, change one of your shorter weekly steady-state cardiovascular workouts to an anaerobic intervals workout��

The ski e-book includes a complete circuit workout consisting of 10 full body strength exercises and 4 stretching exercises. This comprehensive 8-week program will help anyone with a good base of fitness prepare optimally for ski season, whether that includes cross-country, telemark, downhill skiing or snowboarding.

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