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Resources for developing grip strength

Q: What resources, books or products would you recommend for someone who is just starting out and wanting to increase forearm/grip strength?

A: This depends pretty much on why, precisely, you need grip strength and in what capacity, as someone who needs it for climbing 5.12 will need a different kind of grip strength than someone who does carpentry full time or someone training for a Strongman competition who needs to hoist very heavy and awkward implements up to chest or shoulder levels or greater. John Brookfield’s two books, Mastery of Hand Strength and The Grip Master's Manual are both excellent resources for overall hand and grip strength and are both sold through www.ironmind.com. If you are very lucky you might be able to find them at your local library, especially if you happen to be affiliated with a larger university or live where a lot of people are interested in climbing!

You may also find the following links on our Body Results Inc. website to be of interest to you, depending on what sort of grip training you are looking for:

  1. www.bodyresults.com/s2preseason3.asp for grip strength specifically involved in pre-season climbing preparation, including pull-ups wave loading, pinch grip training, open-palm strengthening and supporting grip training;
  2. www.bodyresults.com/e2fingertraining.asp for smart hand, grip and finger training specifically; and
  3. For articles that include a multitude of good ideas on how to increase forearm strength specific to pull-ups, the functionally important exercise that can assist in advancing to the next climbing level, please see www.bodyresults.com/e21armpullups.asp and www.bodyresults.com/e2pushups-pullups.asp.


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