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What am I eating?

Q. What's a good way to track what I'm eating without all the hassle?

A. We have recently found an excellent resource for tracking what you eat, your activities and several other items. It's called FitDay.com

Have you ever tried to figure out how many calories you were eating, where those calories were coming from and how much all those snacks added up to? Many of us have done this. If you're like most people you keep track on a piece of paper while keeping a calories counter book handy. If you were doing it on a computer spreadsheet you had an easier time totalling up the items and making some calculations but it was still a very tedious process.

Now there's an easier way. There is a free website called www.FitDay.com You can set up an account on the site where you'll be able to keep track of many things. Here's what their site says:

What Is FitDay?

FitDay.com is a free web site designed to help you track and analyze the important aspects of your diet and fitness.

Your personal FitDay account serves as a food and exercise journal. You track the foods you eat and the exercises you do on a daily basis.

Based on your journal entries, FitDay analyzes your diet, exercise, and weight, generating graphical reports on the important aspects of your fitness, including...

  • calories
  • fat, carbohydrates, and protein intakes
  • nutritional analysis
  • calorie expenditure
  • weight loss
  • and much more!

FitDay remembers your past journal entries, so you can also perform a long term analysis of your diet and fitness.

FitDay is quick, easy, and completely free!

Our Impression

There are some really neat features. It has an extensive list of foods including their vitamin content. Also, once you add a food to what you've eaten it remains in your recently eaten foods category so you don't have to search for it again. You can easily add custom foods that you eat. Overall it makes tracking your consumption much easier. Give it a try!


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