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Exercise Video Recomendations

Q: I�d like to find a good exercise video I can do at home to supplement my gym and outdoors workouts. What would you recommend?

A: It all depends on the level of intensity you would like as well as the type of exercise. Exercise videos are available for anything including stretching, strength, low-impact aerobics, step aerobics, kickboxing, Tae Bo, martial arts, jumping rope, powerwalking, golfing, you name it. If you a particular type of exercise video in mind and can�t seem to find it, let us know what you�d like to see!

I am partial to step aerobics videos, and have been using them for the past 12 years, as I find they offer good cross-training benefits for climbing, hiking and scrambling. If you enjoy moving to music, chances are you will find some exercise videos that will make a good addition to your collection. Some are even available now on DVD�s!

Good video instructors that I enjoy include (in alphabetical order):

  • Kari Anderson
  • Entire line of CIA videos (Creative Instructors Aerobics)
  • Cathe Friedrich
  • Kathy Smith
  • Christi Taylor
  • Karen Voight

Regarding Karen Voight�s videos, I particularly enjoy two: her 40 minute YogaSculpt video, a good introduction to yoga for outdoor athletes who would like more action, less talking, and a whole-body approach to training; and her Ultimate Circuit DVD, a great introduction to interval training along with 40 minutes of weight training for the whole body. If you would like to learn more about a selection of her DVD�s that would help you reach your training goals, click on on one of the video icons or contact us.

Circuit Cardio & Strength

Burn and Firm Circuit Training VHS
45 min low-impact aerobics alternated w/strength more

Ultimate Circuit Training DVD
Multiple circuit options and 23 min. of ball training more

Yoga Videos

Yoga & Sculpting DVD
70 min Yoga + 85 min strength more

Yoga Focus DVD
30 min strength, 20 stretch more


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