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Exercise Ball Sizing

Q: I want to buy an exercise ball to use as a seat (for building core strength while I work). What size should I buy?

A: When choosing an exercise ball for any purpose, whether exercising or using as a chair, be sure that when it is fully inflated and you are seated on it, your knees and hips form a right angle. If the ball is too small, you will be forced into a slump that is not healthy for the spine for a long stretch of time. If the ball is too big, your back may be thrown into extension. If you have a ball that you have been using for exercise, you can use that same ball; just make sure it is comfortably inflated.

As a guideline, people who are under about 53 should use a 55 cm. ball, people 53-511 should try a 65 cm ball, and anyone over 511 might find the 75 cm ball to be most comfortable. However, there IS some play in the dimensions depending on how much air you want to put in the ball. If you are close to the end ranges mentioned above and someone else (not quite of the same height) wants to use the ball as well, you might be able to get by with just one if you play around with inflation amount.


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