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More Training Info > 90-90 Quad-Psoas Stretch

90-90 Quad-Psoas Stretch

Here's one of our all-time favorite stretches, dubbed the 90-90 Quad-Psoas stretch. It resembles the 90-90 stretch (see www.bodyresults.com/E290-90.asp) with a twist to more strongly target the quadriceps and hip flexor muscles. Sit on the floor on your left hip with your left leg bent at a right angle in front of you and right leg back behind you somewhat. Gently pull the right foot back behind you as close to your right butt cheek as is comfortable. Rotate your torso to the left until you can rest on your left elbow, and press the right hip forward to enable you to feel a good stretch through the front of the right thigh (quadriceps) and right hip flexor (psoas). As you get comfortable with this position, walk your left elbow even farther left and then rotate your right shoulder toward the floor, maintaining that squeezed hip position. Slowly release the stretch and repeat on the other side. You may find that one hip or quad is tighter than the other; if so, start with the tight side first during future stretching sessions.


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