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Wilderness Sports Links

The Mountain Zone
Anything and everything dealing with climbing, from rock climbing in Yosemite to alpine ascents on Everest.
Great information for Pacific Northwest climbers, including trip reports, gear critiques and gear swap
GORP: Great Outdoor Recreation Pages
Hiker? Biker? Outdoor adventure traveler? GORP has tons of interesting links to visit.
The Mountaineers
Home page for the Seattle-based Mountaineers, complete with course and event information.
Very well-done and informative site with a wealth of climbing information ranging from how to train indoors, to where to find good bouldering information, to local competitions and more!
Lots of great information about climbing in Alaska.
Bucket List Adventure Coaching
Like having your own personal concierge for Outdoors Adventure Goals. They can handle all the tricky planning and logistics.
Mountaineering & Backpacking Gear Reviews.

Recomended Guide Services

Alpine Ascents International

Berg Adventures International

Mountain Madness

Rainier Mountaineering Inc.

Whittaker Mountaineering

Training Links

Elite Fitness Systems by Dave Tate
Provides plenty of tips on how to train most effectively for the 3 major lifts: bench press, deadlift and squat. Includes comments from lifters who train through the Westside Barbell Club with Louie Simmons. In case you've ever wondered about Doug's chains for variable resistance workouts...
Iron Mind Enterprises, Inc.
Strongman. Weightlifting. Highland Games. Arm wrestling. Powerlifting. Training. Athlete profiles. Major contest coverage. And much more. Gold medal quality. Soft cover book format. Not only do they put out the magazine Milo, but they also have specialized strength training gear available including grip trainers like Rolling Thunder.
The Stretching Handbook
A site dedicated to stretching and flexibility. Sign up for their free newsletter!

Online Professional Journals

Journal of Performance Enhancement
Presents accurate scientific information about athletic performance enhancement featuring peer-reviewed articles on nutrition, exercise physiology, training techniques and more. Updated quarterly with a free on-line subscription as well as new training certification as Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist.
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
On-line nutrition information, including free announcement e-newsletter when new issues appear.
Journal of Applied Physiology
The Physician and Sports Medicine Online
Great site for people looking for resources dealing with physical therapy, injuries, and the like.

Nutrition Links

Glycemic Index Lists--by Rick Mendosa
Curious to find out more about which foods will leave you hungry and which ones satisfied? This will link you right to a list of popular foods and their Glycemic Index values.
Practical Weight Loss
Learn how to lose weight in a healthy way. Free diet, health and fitness tips and resources.

Other Notable Links

University of New South Wales Rowing Club
Includes rowing news from Australia and around the world, as well as a great compilation of rowing tips, hints and coaching strategies on their Coach's Corner page.
Super Jock 'n' Jill
Visit this shoe and clothing store near Greenlake (in Seattle) for knowledgeable help selecting appropriate running footwear. Also periodically updates local running events and training tips.


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