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Training Programs, Tips and Resources

As your put your training program together, you may find that you need additional suggestions to break through plateaus. While resources such as Train to Climb Mt. Rainier or Any High Peak DVD and the book, The Outdoor Athlete compile sample programs for certain outdoor sports, you may choose to train yourself using other methodologies. Below are additional links on our website beyond the six primary sports categories that can help, including sample programs, training guidelines and tricks, information about gear and equipment, periodization articles, and scientific research so you can gauge for yourself what might work best for you.

Selected Sample Programs

Outdoor Workout - Warmup, Cardio and Strength
Snowshoe Training Preseason in 4-6 Weeks
Starting an Exercise Program
No Gym Required Workout
Advanced No Gym Required Workout
Outdoor Sports Conditioning: Preparing for Alpine Climbing Season
Short Sport Workouts
Adding Resistance to Your Workouts


Back to Back Training
Flatland Training
Summit Day Preparation
Why you need to be in better shape than your guide
Updated ACSM and AHA Healthy Adult Recommendations 2007
Effectiveness of Cross-Training for Alpine Conditioning
Ten Tips to Injury-Free Training
General Strength Training Guidelines
The Perfect Training Program!
Workout Splits: Suggestions
Workout Splits: Making Sense of Conflicting Information
How Hard Should I Train? Rate of Perceived Exertion for Strength

Periodizing Your Training

Adventure Race Preparation: a 4- to 6-Month Overview
Off Season Training: Factors that Go Into Refining Your Program
Year-Round Strength Training Benefits
Prioritize Your Climbing Training
How to Taper Before Your Event
In-Season Maintenance Routine Between Adventures
Long Endurance Variations
Changing Routine
Overtraining: Causes, Solutions
Exercising During Illness: Yes or No?

Training Tricks

Increase Strength with the 5% Solution
Ladder Training to Increase Pullups
Training Super Slow
Going Super Slow: Is It for Athletes?
What to Do about a Muscle Imbalance
Limiting Atrophy
No Time to Exercise? Try the Tabata Protocol for Intervals!
Percent Bodyweight in Pushups
How Do I Increase My Pullups?


Upper Body Warm-up how to prepare for upper body work
Lower Body Warm-up how to prepare for lower body work
Core Body Warm-up how to prepare for core body work

Over 50 Training Advice

Training Considerations for Athletes Over 50
Over 50 Strength Training
Over 50 Cardiovascular Training
Over 50 Flexibility Training

Gear and Equipment

Cost-Effective Home Training
Setting up a Home Gym
Heart Rate Monitors
Maximum Heart Rate Theory Challenged
Target Heart Rate
Training with Gloves: Yes or No?
Sizing Your Stability Ball
Hiking Boot Fit
Numb Feet: Cause, Cure
Tanita Body Fat Scales: Accurate or Not?
Choosing Running Shoes
Weighted Trail Running
Seated Cardiovascular Suggestions

Scientific Research

Research: Self-Selected Resistance Training Intensity in Healthy Women: The Influence of a Personal Trainer
Hit or Miss: A Review of Research Relevant to High Intensity Training
Six sessions of sprint interval training increases muscle oxidative potential and cycle endurance capacity in humans
A Comparative Electromyographical Investigation of Muscle Utilization Patterns Using Various Hand Positions During the Lat Pull-down
Effects of Electrical Muscle Stimulation on Body Composition Muscle Strength, and Physical Appearance
Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Strength Performance Following Various Periods of Recovery


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