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Fueling Your Efforts: Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition is a complex topic on which there are literally hundreds of books and approaches. Below is a listing of suggested links on our website that will help you reach your performance goals. For details about putting together your own personalized nutrition plan, refer to The Outdoor Athlete, Chapter 5. In it we discuss how to adapt the general guidelines suggested on this website to your nutrition goals, such as staying healthy so you can continue to train, maintaining daily energy, supplying sufficient energy to prevent bonking during endurance events, supporting continued effort at high altitude, and identifying nutritious, portable snacks for long trips.

Nutrition Programs

Speeding Up Fat Loss
Is a Low-Carb Diet Appropriate for Me?
Are You Eating Right For Your Type? Metabolic Typing Diet: A Personal Account
South Beach 2-Week Induction: A Coach�s Personal Experience
Tendon Nutrition
Tips for Enjoying Healthy, Active Holidays

Special Concerns

High-Altitude Nutrition
Energy Foods for the Mountains
Alcohol and Training: Just the Facts
Protein-Rich Snacks: Homemade GORP and More
Using the Glycemic Index to Choose Carbs
Super Snacks, by Stephanie Magill
Hyponatremia: What It Is, How to Prevent It
Tryptophan as a Sleep Aid
Iron-Deficiency Anemia


Women's Fuel Usage at Altitude vs. Men
Physiological, metabolic, and performance implications of a prolonged hill walk: influence of energy intake
Carbohydrate Supplementation and Resistance Training
Hypohydration Adversely Affects Lactate Threshold in Endurance Athletes

Tracking Progress

Calorie Targets
Increasing Feeding Frequency without Gain
What Am I Eating? Introduction to Fitday.com
Tracking Nutrition to Increase Energy
Rebuilding the Food Pyramid: Proposal for Change
Seeing Results
Monitoring Progress in a Training Journal

Health-related Issues

How Can I Avoid Heat Cramps?
Restless Legs Syndrome
Side Stitches: Causes, Cure, Prevention
Get a Better Night's Sleep
Overtraining Signals
Coping with Persistent Injuries


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