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MAR 2016 ISSUE, Volume 90

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March means it's time to start training for summer hikes, backpacks, scrambles and climbs.

How to Create a Training Program

You've just plunked down a sizeable chunk of money for an exciting trip that you are taking in six months that will require getting in the best shape of your life. You have a goal, you're committed to that goal, you have support, and you're ready to start training. Now what? Learn more about creating a training program...

Training and Preparation for the Camino

Walking trips in Europe (pilgrimages), such as those along the various routes collectively referred to as "the Camino," draw people of all ages and backgrounds who wish to explore the country on foot. Such trips differ rather significantly from alpine experiences on the rugged PCT or Appalachian Trail, but the same training principles apply. Learn more about how to train for long, multi-week walks such as the 500 mile Camino frances.

Proper Pack Weight for Back and Hip Health

A common mistake we see clients make when packing a backpack for training hikes is randomly throwing a few dumbbells into their pack. Here we outline some strategies that will make your training much more comfortable, save wear and tear on your pack and body, and provide you with the right kind of training stimulus while helping you avoid injury. Read more about strategies for packing your pack.

Online Strength & Conditioning Coaching - WebTrainer

WebTrainer is an on-line training service that provides a personalized exercise program including cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training, a personalized training schedule and regular interactions with an Outdoor Conditioning Coach. Each program is overseen by one of the Outdoor Sports Conditioning Experts, Courtenay or Doug Schurman. They are co-authors of the book, The Outdoor Athlete and creators of the Train To Climb Mt Rainier DVD.

The WebTrainer program has been used by people all around the world to train for a multitude of goals such as Rainier, Baker, Hood, Seven Summits, Nepal treks, Grand Canyon backpacking and many more. In addition WebTrainer comes with a Money Back Guarantee. There are three levels of service to choose from; Bronze, Silver and Gold. To view more details about WebTrainer CLICK HERE.

Train for Your Favorite Wilderness Sports

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