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Staying Motivated to Train

Whenever you are faced with a large task, such as getting in shape for something that is really important to you (whether that is a ski trip, multi-day backpacking trip, first 10K, or a climb up Mt. Everest) you have to stay motivated to train day after day and week after week. Below are tips on how to stay interested, plan a smart training program, and stick to your regimen even when you do not especially feel like it.

Smart Goals discusses the 5 principles of setting specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic, and time-stamped goals, whether relevant to your sport or to life in general.

Lofty Goals approaches goals from another viewpoint by helping you identify what sort of trips are most appealing to you, based on whether you are looking for adventure, remote access, challenge, aesthetics, specific purpose, or social companionship.

Hiking Partners builds on the Lofty Goals article and provides ideas for keeping motivated by enlisting the help of a training partner, whether that is a friend, colleague, personal trainer, club or group, or a family member who will provide you with support.

Motivate1 and Motivate2 provide several simple tips on how to stay motivated to train year-round so that once you start ramping up for a specific goal you will have a higher baseline than previous years, so you can see faster results with similar time and effort expended in training.

Finally, Seeing Results will give you a better idea of when you can expect to see results from your training, based on your starting point, the time you have available to train (or to reach your goal), cardiovascular training, strength training, and nutrition.

If you have a favorite method for staying on task or keeping yourself motivated, send it to us at trainer at bodyresults.com.


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