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Leavenworth, Spring 2000

Dave Shema demonstrates the potential advantages of the auto block on a double-rope rappel on an overhanging portion of Bruce's (AKA 8- mile) Buttress in Leavenworth, 4/9/00. Hey look, no hands!

Index of Selected Leavenworth Photos (click to view)

Presented in same order taken, April 2000

8-Mile Buttress, 4/9/00

Doug belays along first pitch of Tree Route, 8 Mile Buttress, 4/9/00

Paul follows Doug up 8 Mile Buttress

Court leads 2nd Pitch; "This looks like a nice comfortable rest spot!"

Doug and Paul relax as Court starts up final pitch

Swanson's, R&D with Tom Unger's mentor group 4/15-16/00

Car camping: Mic, Tom, Elizabeth and Sean wait for the day to begin

Andreas (master car camper!) on top rope

Sean on top rope

Mic on top rope; what's with the face? Don't worry, you're on belay!

Marie checks out Sean's belay form

R&D route from the road

Doug starts up a chimney on R&D

Blast this pack! Doug makes it over a crux on R&D

Intermediate Rock II Field Trip 4/22/00

Castle Rock

Court finishing up on Saber

Paul Bottge tops out on Saber

Court completing Midway

Private Climb Weekend 4/29-30/00

Bryant Miller leading Ski Tracks Crack, 4/29/00

Doug doing the splits on Ski Tracks Crack, 4/29/00

Court tests out the friction move on top rope at X-Y Cracks, 4/29/00

Lisa Fox mastering Sam 'N' Cams, 4/29/00


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