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Glacier Peak 7/20-22/01

Susan Wright, Courtenay Schurman and Doug Schurman took several of their mentor students (Danny Geiger, Susan Poulsom and George Oliver) along with Ric Cejas, Nathan Ehresman and Dennis Culp, up Glacier Peak (here, our summit photo) via Sitkum Glacier. We very nearly turned around at base camp, since the fog was so thick, but fortunately there was enough sporadic clearing to tempt us to try it -- and eventually we broke through the clouds and successfully reached the summit.

All photographs taken by Courtenay Schurman except where noted (where known).

The crew at trailhead before starting 10 mile hike in, waiting for Ric to arrive. Left to right: Susan, Susan, Danny, Dennis, George, Nathan, Doug.

Kennedy Hot Springs -- rumor has it that circulation is so poor and visits so high during the summer that the colloform bacteria count is higher than a sewer! No thanks, we'll pass!

Summit photo -- (left to right, back row) Daniel Geiger, Doug Schurman, George Oliver, Susan Wright, Ric Cejas, Nathan Ehresman; (front row) Courtenay Schurman, Dennis Culp, Susan Poulsom. (anon)

George Oliver strikes what we called his "meditation pose" as he contemplates the fog and his avocado and cheese sandwich for breakfast.

Doug and Courtenay Schurman on the summit block of Glacier Peak, 3 p.m. 7/21/01.

Food and beverage break at the ranger cabin (7/20/01) near Kennedy Hot Springs (Left to right): Danny Geiger, Susan Wright, George Oliver, Susan Poulsom, Dennis Culp, Doug Schurman, Nathan Ehresman.

Another food break before the steep climb up the climber's ridge: George, Susan, Danny, Susan, Nathan, Dennis, Doug.

Doug and Courtenay at food break before climber's ridge.

Boulder Basin camp site, aptly named for the numerous boulders strewn throughout the valley. Great tent sites on sandy, cleared ledges and an outdoor cedar toilet that makes blue bags unnecessary.

View from camp up the climbing route as a group of Boy Scouts returns from their summit day -- as the fog comes in to obscure most of the route (and stays until 9 a.m. the following day!)

Doug models his favorite climbing luxury: down camp booties

Danny amusing us all with his story-telling ability (2 obese Patties, Special Ross, Lester picking his bunions on a Sesame Street bus!) complete with sound effects for bus and "Big Al." Will we ever forget it?

Dinner and stories around the camp stove, Friday night.

Doug headed across stream as we arrive at Kennedy Hot Springs.

Our starting view, Saturday morning -- between cloud layers at base camp. C'mon sun, do your thing!

Danny and Susan cheerfully peer out of tent.

Clearing -- at last! Let's get up there and try it! We left base camp at 9 a.m. an hour behind the Portland Mazama team of 9 and caught up to them at rope-up at the snout of the Sitkum.

Out of the clouds! Looking promising!

The Mazamas head up on the Sitkum as the sun breaks through the clouds. Blue skies above, fluffy clouds directly below us.

Roping up on the Sitkum. fog ever threatening to overtake us.

A sea of clouds obscures most other peaks around Glacier Peak, though we caught glimpses of Rainier and Baker at rare moments during the day.

Our final destination: the summit block Susan Wright and Danny Geiger "shorts man" at the summit of Glacier Peak.

Cool Spire!

Pumice ridge -- we opted to kick steps up steep snow slope rather than ascending slippery pumice, though coming down it was easy!

The whole team, in "Schurman tradition" dropped to the snow for some --including the non-Mountaineers couple that trailed us all the way up!

Crevasses and blue sky on the way down.

Eureka!! Safely back to camp in Boulder Basin.

Back at Kennedy Hot Springs, for the last rest of the trip Sunday morning.

Our one calamity -- Dennis dunked his head in the stream to cool off, 45 minutes from the car -- in the process, losing his glasses despite a valiant effort by everyone to try to find them.


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