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Denali via West Butress Route, May 2008
by client Kathy S from Connecticut

On May 6, 2008 I started my climb of Denali with Alpine Ascents International. There were 6 clients and I was by far the oldest in the group. I am 48 and the average age was 29. I did not let this intimidate me because I had trained with Body Results and my pre-existing knee problems that precluded an attempt at this trip in 2007 were never an issue on this trip.

The weather was typical for this mountain: a few sunny days and a lot of stormy ones. Being one of the first guided groups on the mountain was nice. It was very cold but you developed a sense of camaraderie with the few other groups in the camps.

Our summit day started out nice but when we got to Denali Pass it started to snow. One other group that was trying to summit that day turned around but our guide decided to move up. When we got to the last hill, Pig Hill, the clouds drifted away and the sun came out. We had spectacular views from the summit. Heading back down we were able to watch the sun setting on the Autobahn heading into camp at 17,000.

We awoke to a horrific windstorm the next morning that trapped us up there for a few days. On our way down the mountain it was amazing to see the transformations at the various camps. They all looked like small cities compared to when we were there with only a handful of groups.

It was a special experience to have been on the mountain with so few people. I felt really strong the whole trip and this was thanks to my conditioning using training developed through Body Results.


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