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Mountaineers Climbing Course 2002

A conditioning hike up Granite mountain 6/22/02

Joanne snacks on grapes, eating for 2

Joanne heads up the snow near Granite's summit - snow still high in June

Lenticular cloud over Mt. Rainier (looking due South)

Court at the summit with Rainier & observation tower in the background

David Messerschmidt at the summit of Granite

Joanne and Sydney Marie admire Glacier Peak and other Alpine Lakes summits

Alpine meadow with what remains of snow gullies, small fingers of white

Brad & Sierra (cool dog with shades)

Our mentor group on a conditioning hike up Camp Muir on Mt. Rainier 6/2/02

Christa, Jill & Jacqui head up to Muir on a glorious sunny day

Gorgeous conditions for a hike to Muir

Long line of Mountaineers students head toward the Nisqually Glacier for Crevasse rescue practice

More students practicing their snow travel skills

Doug, Christa, Jacqui and Jill

Getting closer! Doug, Jacqui, Jill & Christa

Conditioning hike up Snoqualmie Mountain

Waterfalls on the scramble up Snoqualmie Mountain

Summit Shot

Court on the Summit with Guye Peak in the background

This looks like a good place to practice the Z-pulley

Climbing Course Weekend Field Trip at Stevens Pass - Snow 1

Here's the down couple. Look down booties!

Tent city up at Stevens Pass for a field trip

Got Dinner?

Glissading and self arrest practice

Traveling in rope teams up to Cowboy Mountain. Yee haw!

Summit of Cowboy

View of Glacier Peak

Cowboy Mountain at sunset

Our mentor group on a conditioning hike up Granite Peak

Going up some steep stuff in the clouds

Our dog Emily made the climb

This dog got a ride in the pack

The wind had caked the snow against the South side of the trees

Here's our mentor group at the top of Granite Peak

Mark's relaxing at the top. Doesn't he look happy!

Emily gets a chance to sit down too

We got some self arrest practice here


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