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Satisfied WebTrainer Clients Are Saying�

Sunset shadow from Mt. Rainier summit

Goal: Climb Mt. Rainier

�There is no way I could have prepared on my own for the physical and mental challenges of climbing Mount Rainier. Your workout schedules specific to my goal and your encouragements and positive attitude toward my conditioning for this adventure were just the kind of professional consultations I needed to prepare me for the rigors of mountaineering. There is absolutely no comparison to climbing Mt. Rainier with anything I have ever done before. If a 53-year-old Southern flatlander like me can get to the top of that mountain then I believe that most anyone can with determined hard work and you as their trainer. Thank you for your personal attention. You will always be a part of this memorable achievement in my life.� � Barry, Alabama

Summit of the highest point in North America

Goal: Climb Denali (Mt McKinley)

�On May 6, 2008 I started my climb of Denali with Alpine Ascents International. There were 6 clients and I was by far the oldest in the group. I am 48 and the average age was 29. I did not let this intimidate me because I had trained with Body Results and my pre-existing knee problems that precluded an attempt at this trip in 2007 were never an issue on this trip.

The weather was typical for this mountain: a few sunny days and a lot of stormy ones. Being one of the first guided groups on the mountain was nice. It was very cold but you developed a sense of camaraderie with the few other groups in the camps.

Our summit day started out nice but when we got to Denali Pass it started to snow. One other group that was trying to summit that day turned around but our guide decided to move up. When we got to the last hill, Pig Hill, the clouds drifted away and the sun came out. We had spectacular views from the summit. Heading back down we were able to watch the sun setting on the Autobahn heading into camp at 17,000.�
� Kathy, Connecticut.

Goal: Climb Mt. Everest

Compared to the other members of my team my fitness was excellent, the acclimatization walks proved that. Thanks very much again for the help you provided me in preparing for Everest 2003. I will certainly use your services again when I plan my next adventure, and also will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends. � Philip, England

Goal: Climb Mt. Hood

Mt Hood Summit

�On June 18, 2008 I made my fifth summit of Mt. Hood in as many years via the West Crater Rim. This climb was very special to me for a couple of reasons. It was my birthday present to myself this year and it was also one of my teammates� birthday � so we had a lot to celebrate. The West Crater Rim is a step up in difficulty over the standard Pearly Gates or Old Chute route that most folks take to the summit of Mount Hood. It has long steeper pitches and a very exposed traverse to the summit. This particular route has haunted me a bit. Four years ago I attempted the same route and had to turn around early in the day because I was not mentally or physically ready for it. It was soon after that experience that I started training with Courtenay and Body Results. Thanks to her coaching and advice, this year I knew that I would be better prepared and hoped that I would be able to summit. Read more...

Goal: Mont Blanc Circuit

Haute Route in the Alps

It [Mont Blanc Circuit 2003] was a fabulous trip...and your training was invaluable. I honestly don't think I would have been able to do it had I not followed your plan for the few months leading up to our departure. Thanks so much for all your help. I'll certainly recommend you to anyone who would like to train for similar outings/trips. � Debbie, Florida

Goal: Palisade backpacking trip

When I got home [from the Palisade backpacking trip], I weighed my pack and it was 33 lbs. I was probably carrying 35-37 lbs and it wasn't even difficult. I was able to hike just fine. I feel very happy with my body strength and glad to have come out unharmed. And my neck and upper back didn't bother me at all. Can't wait for the next new experience. Thanks for all your good advice and help in getting me into the great shape I'm in today. I finally believe it! Your program and patience has been more than I could ever have hoped for. It's been almost a year that we have been making me work and I can't wait to see what kind of shape I'll be in at 60! Mt. Whitney, here I come! � Sandy, California

Goal: Pacific Crest Trail

Glad to be a reference. Your program [in preparation for the Pacific Crest Trail] was excellent. Never been in better shape. � Gary, Tennessee

Goal: Hike the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon was GREAT!!!! It was also a great challenge. We ultimately hiked about 70 miles and closed it out with a 3500-foot climb out of the Canyon. The heat hit 100 degrees many days so we did our hiking before dawn. The views were spectacular and it was a unique opportunity to get into the heart of the Canyon. I doubt that one can ever really know that Canyon as it is so big and so complex. I can't tell you how many times Peter and I commented on how well prepared we were physically and how often we mentioned to other participants how valuable you and the programs that you put together for us. � Pam and Peter, California

Goal: Hike Rider Canyon

THANK YOU! This was the toughest hike [Rider Canyon] I had been on in a while. At no time did my back or knees hurt. I was confident in my muscles and cardio training. I was able to keep up for most of the hike. And at the end when I was a bit slower I know it was due to the heat and not eating. I was carrying a full pack - probably 25-30 lbs. What a difference training makes! � Karen, Arizona

Goal: Hiking in the Alps

Just want to say thanks one more time. I'm feeling so ready and so excited for the trip [to the Alps], and a lot of that is thanks to you and your program!! I'll really know how ready I am when I'm climbing my first mountain, but I'm very confident!!! � Christy, Washington DC

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Local Seattle area Satisfied Customers Are Saying...

Demands of Denali...

Denali Summit

"I can�t thank you enough for the six month intensive training program you provided leading up to my climbing trip to Mount McKinley. The individual attention you gave me kept me energized, focused and interested. I was impressed by your ability to help me simultaneously train for extreme strength demands (e.g., carrying 120 pounds of gear) as well as extreme endurance (e.g., ascending almost 20,000 vertical feet). While the climb was physically challenging, I was amazed by how prepared my body felt. And this was despite knee problems resulting from two reconstructive knee surgeries. Thank you! I look forward to training with Body Results for my next challenge." - Susan

Mt Whitney...

"After the first couple of hours, the wisdom of the conditioning program started to become clear. As we gained elevation and the route got steeper through knee deep snow, the rationale behind a number of the elements of the training program became clear, and I regularly found myself thinking, Now I understand the value of those forward dumbbell step-ups or I feel the same muscles that started to burn doing the leaning dumbbell lunges." - JS Read more...

Denali Team Training...

"When I decided to climb Mount McKinley in Alaska, I was taking on a huge physical goal and I wanted guidance with my strength training. My teammate referred me to Body Results and they created a specific program that we both followed for 6 months. Body Results changed the routine every 6 weeks and evaluated our progress, which helped to keep us motivated. Following a workout with my teammate helped to build confidence and trust in each other that we brought with us to the mountain. Working with Body Results definitely helped prepare me for the physical challenge of our 24 day climb." - Chris

Rainier Clients...

"When my climbing group decided last January to climb Mt. Rainier over the summer, I wasn't in bad shape. But I certainly didn't have the level of strength, endurance and overall physical health I needed for this type of climb. Body Results outlined a weekly mix of weights, hiking with a pack, gym climbing, running and cycling, as well as the support and encouragement I needed to keep pushing my body when all I wanted to do was ignore my alarm on rainy days. Not only did this training help me make the Rainier summit July 00, but has made a critical difference in all my activities from trekking to rock climbing; snowshoeing to skiing." - Tamara

"When I came to Body Results [fall 1997], my body fat was 22% and I was spending two hours per day, four days per week in the weight room alone! What my Body Results trainer did was this: I was put on a strict weight program that included compounding sets and supersets which brought my four workouts in the weight room down to less than an hour each day; I got help organizing my diet much better than it already was; and I was pushed on my cardiovascular training to help burn that last little bit of fat. [By March 1998] I brought my body fat down to 15% and I have the endurance of a horse. ...Whether you're training to climb Everest or just want to "tune up" a bit for the summer months, I can't think of a better recommendation for advice than setting yourself up with a Body Results trainer for a little pep talk." - Jim

Half-Marathon and Multi-Sport Training...

"I began seeing a Body Results trainer about a year ago. My trainer sat down with me to focus on specific training goals and designed a workout plan that put me right on target for reaching them. One goal was to take up running again (which I hadn't done at all since high school 14 years ago) as cross-training for my mountain biking. After a few months of training, we narrowed down my pace goal for running the Vancouver Half-Marathon--the longest distance I had ever run. When it came to race day, I felt as strong as I ever had and managed to beat my target race time by 5 minutes. Now I am training to run my first full marathon and continuing to train for mountain bike racing. Through my hard work and perseverance, together with my trainer's knowledge, attentiveness to detail, support and guidance, I have been able to keep my eye on specific goals and surpass all of my expectations."

"In addition to helping reach goals, my trainer was able to design a routine that included my numerous sports interests--cycling, running, climbing, swimming, and yoga. She added functional strength training as well, which helped increase my endurance, balance and strength, as well as balancing out the differences between my strong cycling legs and my under-utilized upper body. My training "routines" were anything but routine... through regular updates, they were always kept challenging an interesting. To anyone with a personal training goal in mind--or even someone needing help defining those goals--I give my highest recommendation to Body Results to help with meeting and exceeding those goals!" - Jason

Motivation and Assistance with Goal Development...

"I continue to work with my Body Results trainer because she is committed to helping me achieve whatever goals I desire. I consider my weekly workouts with her an opportunity to become better educated about my body, time to become physically and mentally stronger and a challenge to develop additional skills...Her positive attitude has motivated me to work harder than I would have worked on my own." - Marlene

Post-Rehab Strengthening...

"I began going to Body Results with two other women for group workouts. Certainly none of us could be considered a jock... My focus was on recovering strength in my right leg where I had recently had a total hip replacement. I had also had life-long knee problems and wanted to build strength in the muscles around my knees to provide as much support as possible. Because of my chronic orthopedic problems, I had seen many rehab physical therapists before coming to Body Results and none of them had been as effective as my Body Results trainer in designing a program which gave maximum results. At first, my goals were simple - just being able to walk up and down stairs without leaning most of my weight on a handrail. Gradually I realized that I could set my sights higher than just getting back into minimal physical shape. I�ve been able to return to activities that I had given up for more than ten years - like fishing and hunting with my Dad. I�ve even been training for a weight-lifting competition - ME! Strength training with Body Results is really beneficial to anyone - you don�t necessarily have to be a mountain climber or a marathon runner. For me, it has meant a greater enjoyment of everyday life and a realization that my body can do a lot more things than I would have ever imagined." - Tex

"Recently I began to have shoulder pain and range of motion loss of my left arm with no 'event' that could be labeled as the cause. Courtenay put me through a series of tests to determine what might be happening and set up exercises to help several muscles. The pain would not completely go away so physical therapy was the next step. The therapist interview included questions about what, if anything, I had been doing to try to relieve the pain. I gave her my Body Results workout pages. She said the workouts were right on target and with some nerve stimulation, shoulder manipulation and luck we would have the best chance at stopping this painful progressive condition. Five weeks later the therapist released me very close to pain free. About follow-up, she told me to just listen to your strength coach and do her exercises!" - Kathleen


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