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The Climber's Grip Trainer

This unique grip device allows you to simulate a small edge on the climbing rock or wall and strength train with your ideal training weight. Now you can train in a gradual and progressive way to build up strength in order to climb those harder routes. With this device you can add whatever weight you desire. You can weight the Climber's Grip Trainer with many items such as dumbbells, weight plates, weighted buckets and many others.

Take it to the gym!

You can also take it to the gym with you! It will connect to any cable device. Use it on a lat pulldown, a seated row, a cable crossover and many others. Then select whatever weight you want to train with.

Simulate a route with 2 Climber's Grip Trainers!

Climbing Simulation - Using 2 Climber's Grip Trainers you can simulate a climbing route by holding both, then lowering 1 for 1 second raising it back up and lowering the other for 1 second and raising it back up. Just like the way you use your hands on a route.

Training Tips The Climber's Grip Trainer is intense. So use it carefully. Only use it when your arms, hands and fingers are completely healthy. If you have any tendinitis issues this is not for you.


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